Thursday 04-07-11

I’ve been mostly sorting out and cleaning up/cropping photos to use in the site. I’ve updated a few things here and there but there’s still quite a bit to do overall. It’s looking pretty good so far. The image gallery below is the first two groups of images I’ve selected. Hollingsworth bath photos are retouched and ready to go. The Baker bath photos still need some color correction and I need to remove the flash from the mirror.

If you click on any of the thumbnails, you will get a larger, uncropped view of the image. Take a look at these a give me some descriptions/work performed or if you especially like a certain image or if you absolutely don’t want to use one.

I have quite a few more to look at but I thought we could start with this batch and see how it’s working.

Also, take a look around the website and check out some of the other updates I’ve made. I got your Angie’s list and BBB stuff but I haven’t created links to the Angie’s list and BBB review pages yet.

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